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Wisconsin Corporate Entertainment

Looking to have some serious fun at your next company event? Scott has the experience to make that happen.

Here are a few examples:

Corporate Family Days

Planning a day where the whole family is invited-- or maybe just the kids? Scott is an experienced family entertainer and will guarantee smiles, oohs and aahs from both young and old.

"Adults loved it, middle schoolers could not stay blase, elementary schoolers were enthralled, even the 4 year olds could tell their mothers about it afterwards."

Trade Shows

Looking to stop people and actually bring them into your tradshow booth? Scott has the personality and skill to make that happen. He'll even customize his magic to spotlight your company or specific product. Now you've not only added a magician, but you've also added another sales person to the team.

Awards or Recognition banquets

Always fun to cap an evening of speeches and awards with a whole bunch of fun. Let Scott's show filled with magic, ming-reading and laugh-out-loud fun do the job.

"We were all so glad you were part of the evening! Your show was wonderful, and I still laugh every time I think of all of us watching ... Hilarious! If you ever need a glowing reference, feel free to use my name."
--Joy Nelson


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The corporate world is grueling sometimes. You've got to know how to work hard, work long, and work smart. But you also have to know how to play. That's why sports are so popular. They relieve tension and allow one to blow off steam. But the savy corporate professional knows how to blend his work with his/her play. That's why so many deals get closed on the golf course. Work and play can mix. Fun is part of the business equation.

Trade shows, for instance, are more than just a place to show off your company's latest achievement. It's a place to get leads and even forge new relationships that could lead to tremndous revenue down the road. Here again, much of the networking happens after the official day's business is over. Your company may sponsor a hospitality booth with the hopes of inviting the right people and forging new relationships. But whether at the trade show booth or the hospitality booth, the business of getting more business is what the bottom line is all about. So, you've got to get people to visit the booth and hear the message. That's where Scott Obermann can help.

Scott is a professional entertainer from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area that can deliver a corporate message while entertaining your potential clients. In the tradeshow booth, Scott presents a magical show that makes attendees stop and watch. Your company's sales-force is there to continue the relationship building once the show is over, but getting potential clients to stop at your booth is the first step.

With some research about the company, Scott is able to craft a show that fuses your corporate message with a powerful program of magic. Then, at the hospitality booth, a little after-hours magic can relax a group and allow for more relationship building. So, Scott strolls throughout the room entertaining your clients and building the image of your company at the same time.

Scott works in and around Milwaukee and Southern Wisconsin primarily, but the distance is not a factor. And he has a show that is affordable for your needs.

Perhaps you are in the Milwaukee area and would like a magic show for your company picnic. Scott performs an excellent show for this type of venue. Are the kids going to be there? Well, Scott performs a show that is squeaky clean. Families love te interaction with the audience and the fun that is interjected into each show.

Whether your company is in the Milwaukee area, Wisconsin, Illinois or Timbuktu, Scott has some seriously fun entertainment available for all your business related events.



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