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All New for 2012-2013

Magic of Dreaming Big!

A motivational reading show for K-8. This program is pure fun with a strong reading component and an emphasis on goal setting. Children are encouraged to read books and think about their future. There is also an excellent ending with a highly motivational message about helping others (based on the book "How Full Is Your Bucket".

Scott toured this show in libraries during the summer with rave reviews from children, parents and librarians. Now he is offering this dynamic assembly program for elementary schools along with several others.

School Assembly Programs

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Shows that help children learn life lessons in an amazingly-fun way.

      teachers and students commented on the high quality of show that was presented.

       I just wanted to take a moment and tell you what an amazing job you did at our school! I received so many compliments on your show already from parents and kids alike. You were great to work with and fun for all! Thank you so much for being a part of our schools largest fundraiser. You are the best!

   Cari Alberts
   Our Redeemer Lutheran School

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Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa Educational School Show Specialist

Will travel throughout the Midwest (Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana)

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Elementary Assembly Programs from Scott Obermann

Do you remember being a child? When you were young you would run and play and act . . .well, like a child. Do you remember watching Saturday morning cartoons? If not just watch a child as he or she enjoys a funny cartoon. Kids giggle, kids laugh out loud! Why, because they love the physical nature of a cartoon. Children have special needs when it comes to entertainment. Kids enjoy playing or acting out their fantasies. A child will laugh at what seems to be some of the silliest things.

An elementary school has children from kindergarten to fifth grade. Some smaller schools have children from kindergarten to eighth grade. That's just fine. Great Scott (hailing from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area) has a unique understanding about what it takes to entertain children in this age group. For the younger children, everything seems to be magic. For the older kids, everything is up for questioning. And yet, Great Scott (Scott Obermann) can amaze even them. Scott knows how to adjust his performance to suite the age of the children he is entertaining. Young children and older love his approach to entertaining and educating.

So, you can see that entertainment is only part of the package. Stories, puppets (used in a more sophisticated manner), music, and magic are all combined to allow the educational message come through. One of the the favorites educational assembly programs Scott presents is centered around the need to read. Entitled, Clue Into Your World, this fun and fast paced assembly program will introduced the kids to new books, or renew interest in some classics. The program is 45 minutes of educational entertainment incorporating Scott's unique blend of magic tricks, humor, storytelling, book-talking, puppetry and just plain fun. All this is designed to capture the children's imaginations and make them aware of the adventure and fun of reading great books. The children are invited to get involved and help Scott in his attempt to follow a series of clues toward a hidden treasure. They must use some deductive reasoning skills, and they have to watch closely to help Scott figure out the clues and find the hidden treasure.

Fun is at the core of every show. But Scott has some great educational shows for young children.

Are you in charge operating an elementary school in the Milwaukee Metro area or anywhere in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan or Minnesota? Then you may want to give Great Scott a call. Imagine the children laughing and enjoying themselves. See them learning important lessons while having fun. Experience the wonder on a child’s face when the magic happens right before his eyes, or in her hands. Fun indeed.