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Do you remember being a child? When you were young you would run and play and act . . .well, like a child. Do you remember watching Saturday morning cartoons? If not, just watch a child as he or she enjoys a funny cartoon. Kids giggle, kids laugh out loud! Why? Because they love the physical nature of a cartoon. Children have special needs when it comes to entertainment. Kids enjoy playing or acting out their fantasies. A child will laugh at what seems to be some of the silliest things.
Great Scott can tap into this silliness and really have fun with the kids. The wonder of magic, silliness of comedy, and interactive nature of Great Scott's shows keeps children in anticipation of what will come next. Watch your kids' faces light up as they see things vanish or change color or appear in their own hand. Watch how animated and excited the children get when they magically fill in the pages of a book with colorful pictures, or when one of Scott's puppets weaves its own brand of magic and laughter into the show.

This is children's magic comedy at its best. Have your cameras ready. You'll get some terrific pictures of the kids laughing the entire 40-minute show.

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