Children's Entertainment in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Children's Entertainment

What is it? Good question. Here's a better one. Can anyone entertain children? Perhaps with adaquate training, most people can learn how to entertain a group of children. But many adults make the mistake of thinking that children's entertainment is easy. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
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A child's intelligence is not less than an adults. However his or her life experiences are. So entertaining children is a matter of knowing what life experiences are common to a particular age and then finding the entertainment in that. For instance, young children are in a constant learning mode. Much of the world is brand new to them every day. So, they love to see something over and over again. For example, "How many times is he going to watch that video," you say to yourself. Well there's a reason children love to watch a certain video over and over. In so doing, a child learns, becomes familiar, and masters a new area. He or she gets a sense of control in knowing what is about to happen. The territory is safe.

So I use this knowledge when performing for children. Something may drop on the floor by "accident." That may be funny to the young child. But when it happens again, it is even funnier. He is in control. The child now knows what should happen, and also knows that, for some reason, I can't do it. That simple process can be repeated and brings even more laughter from the children. They are, in effect, experiencing entertainment. And that's what an entertainer should do.
This is a simple example of how to entertain children. But it takes an understanding of what the various life experiences of different children at different ages are. And that can take years to learn. That's why you need an experienced children's entertainer to truly present the best possible show. I know that there is a great difference between a five year old and an eight year old. Some of the magic I present may be the same, but how it is presented makes all the world of difference to the children.

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